Today in “What’s good for the goose…”

Christians have demanded again and again that religious reps have access to students. Looks like they are getting their wish in Florida.

“Satanic Temple submits coloring book, fact sheets for Orange school distribution”

Now students will have the opportunity to learn about Satanism from actual Satanist material, and they’ll have Christians who wanted to sell Jesus in schools to thank.

a tale of two journals

Two journals and a Pilot Varsity fountain pen #journal #journaling #writing #FountainPen

A few minutes after I put away the notebook I’ve been journaling in since July, I picked up up another journal which has only a few pages filled. Yes, I have two journals going at once.

One is almost full and the other is fresh, having only been started a couple of days ago.

Someday the curators of the prestigious institution that wins the bidding war for my collected papers will no doubt be confused by this. So be it. Let them earn those bloated salaries.

Congratulations Royals on a Successful Season

My Dad loves baseball and had me playing from a young age (although I was known to run off the field to play on the swing set now and again). I played baseball every summer up to the age of about 16 I think. I had a great time.

I grew up in rural central Missouri, roughly two hours from Kansas City to the west and two hours from St.Louis to the east. We would go to Royals games, about one or maybe 2 a year, when I was a kid. My Dad was able to get tickets to Royals games through his job (they must not have had a Cardinals hookup).

The first game I went to in Kansas City, I don’t remember exactly what year it was (it was the late 70s), and I don’t remember who they were playing, I do remember a fight breaking out on the field. I don’t remember why they were fighting, I do remember that Al Hrabosky “The Mad Hungarian” was on the mound for KC. I remember Hrabosky pacing the mound and pounding his glove (I think) and I remember all the players out there for the bench clearer.

My Dad likes to tell that story and he always adds that he was so mad that he took his young son to his first major league game, and a fight broke out. I don’t think I’ve been to a game since that featured a full squad brawl.

It might be a bit strange that I grew up attending Royals games but turned into a Cardinals fan. I liked to see the Royals do well, but I followed the Cardinals. I was very interested in history as a kid and I think the fact that the Cardinals were an old National League team with a long colorful history played a big part. I was a Cardinals fan in 1985 when they met the Royals in the World Series, I didn’t back the winner then.

As an adult I guess you could say I’ve been a casual baseball fan. My wife loves watching baseball, many of our summers have been filled with evenings of Cardinals games on the TV. For whatever reason – chasing two kids around the house, general decadence – we didn’t watch much baseball this year. Just a few Cards games I think and almost no Royals games.

So we missed the Royals big season for the most part. Both the Missouri major league teams had great seasons, especially the Royals, I’m glad they did. Sure I would have liked to see the Royals take the championship but I’m glad they had such a successful run. Hopefully it’s something upon which they can build.

Religious belief thrives on undeserved respect

Popular religious superstitions float through our culture on a wave of respect that they don’t deserve.

Earlier this year the owners of Hobby Lobby won a court case (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby) giving them a dispensation to screw many if not most of their employees out of mandated benefits. They based their case on their oh so sincere beliefs in the popular superstition of Christianity. Would the outcome of the case have been the same if they were true believers in the power of woman hating magic crystals? What if they’d claimed that the Delphic Oracle told them that contraception was evil?

In the year 2014, in the United States, gay people and families are still fighting for equal rights. Not all Christians hate gay people but every win for LGBT equality is a defeat of Christianity. If the belief that homosexual relationships were “disordered” (as the quite insane catechism of the Catholic Church puts it) was held be a small cult located in a remote region of a sparsely populated state, rather than by billions of true believers in a family of cults spread over the globe would we be fighting the same battles? I don’t think so.

If you treat the belief in the Abrahamic gods with more respect than you treat beliefs in Egyptian gods or Greek gods or the power of the planets over individual lives, or any other less popular myths and superstitions, you lend support to the more popular superstition.

I’ve heard people who’d fall over themselves to laugh at myriad forms of woo go silent when a more popular superstition was mentioned, I’ve done it myself. It’s part of our upbringing, part of our culture to respect the Abrahamic gods and myths and disregard or ridicule other unfounded beliefs. But when we give one superstition a special seat in our culture we give their representatives and people who claim to be motivated by them undeserved power over other’s lives.

New steel for shaving

Just finished my first safety razor #shave with my new #Merkur

The box was sitting in one of the chairs on the porch, the one right next to the heavy glass front door. I picked it up and looked at the label – Yes.

I’ve used a Sensor Excel razor/shaving system for the last few years. I like it. It’s familiar, I can pick it up and run through an entire shave without a thought.

But I wanted something special. I wanted a little more style. I decided I needed to refine and enhance my shave.

I purchased a safety razor.

I ordered a Merkur 34C with a straight guard from Clubman Online, it arrived yesterday. I’ve been interested in Pinaud products for ages (I picked up my first bottle of Pinaud-Clubman aftershave some time in the early 90s). I’ve ordered an array of aftershaves and other products from the Clubman Online shop (an independent dealer) over the years and have always been pleased with their service.

Last night I waited till our youngest was in bed. This project required my attention. I didn’t want to operate a new tool on my face while wondering what kind of property damage our toddler was administering in the adjoining room.

I took the elegant new razor out of the box and unwrapped the blade provided (I ordered additional blades from the same supplier). I tightened the blade into the razor and went to work.

I was careful, erring on the side of not wrecking the only mug I possess on my first safety razor drive. I was conscious to let the blade do the work and I was surprised at how effortless it was. On passes that I felt surely had removed nothing more than shaving cream my skin was as smooth as the proverbial baby’s butt.

I kept in mind that I didn’t need to clearcut my kisser on the first pass. I made one pass, then put a little more water and Barbasol on a couple of rough spots and revisited them. I didn’t want to keep going over my upper lip with the safety razor so I finished it off with my Sensor Excel.

My initial take is very positive. There’ll be a learning curve, I think after another shave or two I’ll have enough confidence to shave quickly and effectively. I think that once I get a good feel for the Merkur I’ll be able to hit every spot I want with less effort than I’ve put into shaving in the past. I like the feel of the heavier implement in my hand and on my face and I like the look of the big steel razor there by the sink or in my travel kit.