Union Street station

Brooklyn NY

Statue of Liberty from #Brooklyn


Statue of Liberty from a Brooklyn hotel rooftop

Walking my 8 year old son into school today we passed a Cub Scout registration sign posted right by the sidewalk to the main entrance.

He said “you know I really wish I could join.” My heart dropped, I stopped for a bit and then said “I know, remember why we can’t take part?” He nodded, then we did our usual school sidewalk hug and off he went.

I’m going to sit down with my boy tonight and talk again about how the Scouts openly and proudly demand theism of their members and teach prejudice against atheists (like his Dad and many of our friends), and our gay friends.

My son, like almost every young person wants fun and friends. Religious groups use these hooks to push superstition to young people. It’s a pretty weak god that needs to take advantage of innocence to maintain himself.


Back home from a kickass family wedding and a fun family vacation in NYC.

Was told a story that involved someone’s “work daughters.”

“Work daughters?” Christ, I hope I don’t have any of those running around. Work Sons either for that matter.

you belong to you

your life is yours to find or create

(whichever term you prefer)

those who would tell you what you are made for

what your purpose is

(as if you need a fucking purpose)

are attempting to steal something very valuable

i’d resist them 

drive them away 

for what it’s worth


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