I wore this shirt all wrinkled to shit today. I thought it would kind of work itself out as the day went on. I was wrong, it’s after noon and it’s still wrinkled to shit.
I’m starting to like how it looks.

Left my old paperback of Hunter Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72″ in an airplane seatback pocket on the way to Salt Lake City last week.


It was one of a few go-to books I’d pick up when I didn’t know what to grab. I’d open to any page and take off. No idea how much of it I read.


There was a gross yellow on the fore edge from years of flipping and securing the pages with my apparently disgusting thumbs. Don’t know how many trips I took it on.


I ordered a new paperback AND a new E copy today.


Maybe whoever gets hold of it now will dig it.


We moved from the crowd

The noise died down

A feather breeze

soothed the skin


An aimless walk with purpose

steam escaped

A warm smile

soothed a friend

Temple selfie #AACon14

Temple Selfie



There was nothing to say

but she said it anyway.

Some of us laughed

‘cos it’s funny.

Some of us didn’t

‘cos it isn’t.

It’s ok.

mountains move

to my side then pass

airport taxi


I arrived in Salt Lake City this evening for the American Atheists conference. The mountains here are gorgeous, I thought of this while riding to the hotel.


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