Just read a news article about a woman who was beaten and set on fire and killed by a mob in Kabul. This happened in and around a shrine, she allegedly burned a koran. The article said they guessed her age between 27 and 32. You can Google it if you want.

This is what the sacred does to people. Make something or someone sacred and watch people lose their goddamned minds.

This one is on you, Bible believers:

From the Sacramento Bee: “California proposal to legalize killing gays hard to stop”

The initiative begins with this:

The abominable crime against nature known as buggery, called also
sodomy, is a monstrous evil that Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty,
commands us to suppress on pain of our utter destruction even as he
overthrew Sodom and Gomorrha.

I’ve just about ceased being shocked by the Abrahamic faiths.

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