If you have to redefine your god to save him, you don’t save him you kill him.

My artistic taste isn’t subject to your religion or your politics.

You don’t get points for your faith not being quite as violent and crazy as the next guy’s.

Openly secular, openly atheist, openly antitheist – ‘cos superstition time is over.

“OMG I can’t believe our beloved faith leader got caught doing awful things and taking advantage of our trust! Why did it happen again?!”

Not every individual faith is scorn soluble.

There are, and quite likely always will be true believers in all sorts of goofy shit, no matter how debunked and ridiculed and goofy that goofy shit is.

There are individuals who will probably never be convinced that there aren’t all manner of weird phenomena or conspiracies or myriad other things, no matter how thin the evidence for them, and no matter how loud the laughter.

I mean somewhere, right now, someone is clicking “confirm purchase” on a Creed mp3, so let’s keep our hope for humanity in check.

But it doesn’t matter that not all faith is scorn soluble. Because what gives faith its Pernicious Pop IS.

I think we have to accept that we might never be done with bad ideas altogether, and that will have to be ok, and it is ok. Because the power of a faith doesn’t come from how hard it’s believed, but from how hard it can get its ass kissed.