a few days wandering Cologne

I spent a few days once, on my own, wandering the streets of Koln Germany. I stayed at a hotel right across from the Hauptbahnhof, the big train station. I’d get up in the morning when I wanted, take a shower and get dressed, and head out across the street, through the train station and then out into the big plaza under the gigantic Dom Cathedral.

One day I climbed up to the top of the Dom for a second time (I’d climbed that winding staircase with my pretty wife once before), checked out Big Peter (the largest bell in the works and the largest free-swinging bell in the world I’m told) and looked out across the wonderful old European city.

The rest of the time I spent wandering the streets. It was October, the temperatures ranged in the 50s F, and so I wore a light jacket. I like it a little cool rather than hot so the weather suited me fine. I’d grab some coffee to sip as I walked the sidewalks. I would stop for some currywurst from one of the stands offering that delicacy.

After a few hours and cups of coffee and a light meal or two, I’d wander into a Kolschery for some of the wonderful local brews. I’d have a few and then continue my journey. I’d have another light meal and some more Kolsch and make my way to the Domplatz to listen to live music or just watch the crowd of folks gathered there.

When I grew tired I would make my way back to my little hotel room to rest up for another day of touring the great city’s streets.

Nice memories of Koln.


Thank you to all the men who’ve built, supported, created, befriended, sacrificed, and loved