Theodicy sucker

I’m a sucker for theodicies. Again and again, when I see a link to some blog or article which purports to explain why God isn’t really a huge asshole, I bite.

They are insulting and awful. The amount of whining, victim bashing, and disregard for suffering is turned up to 11.

The authors succeed in making their gods and themselves out to be monsters. And maybe that’s why I like theodicies.

The American Family Association is providing free advertising for atheist groups!

The American Family Association, known for their opposition to the rights of LGBT individuals and families and of competing religious groups, among others, and for years listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has designated a host of atheist and freethought groups as “bigots.”

I’m proud that the group I founded and organize, Columbia Atheists, is included. I’m also proud that so many of our friends are listed and stand in opposition to what the AFA and other superstition based anti-human and anti-reality outfits like it promote.

If you organize an atheist or freethought group email me at to affiliate your group with American Atheists and go to to become a member (or renew if you’re already a member). Because superstition and the hatred it engenders sucks.

Read more about the AFA’s histrionics here:


If every atheist everywhere was a huge asshole faith would still be bullshit.

The most important lesson taught by Jesus and Muhammad was to bully others into submission and if that fails to cry persecution.

Gods are created and sold by others, they’re vehicles for their agendas. Submitting to a god is submitting to the will of that god’s salespeople.

I don’t have the energy to talk, I’ll just sit and not listen.

Glad I could brighten your day.