A Link to a bit of my Personal Story

I write a somewhat regular (as regular as I do anything) column for a community blog that centers around faith and values.

The site is called Columbia Faith and Values (of all things!) and there are, last I heard, over 40 contributors of all types of backgrounds and outlooks. It is part of a network of Faith and Values sites that are owned by Religion News Service.

The first piece I wrote for Columbia Faith and Values was way way back in December of last year. I wrote about my Grandfather dying when I was 13, and how that event hastened my departure from Christianity, from religion, and began (as much as one particular event can be said to really begin something) my journey to atheism.

I will probably write more about this event here, focusing on different details, talking about ways in which that event pushed me to confront the beliefs that I was buying. If you care to you can read what I wrote on that event for Columbia FAVs here.


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