bana-na bana-na bana-meh

I got a banana.I’ll probably eat it later this afternoon, when I’m peckish…or bored…or bored and peckish.

I’ve been eating bananas all my life. My Mom’s a good one and she always wanted us to eat healthy, so we regularly had bananas in the house. Playing with the Chiquita stickers was fun.I remember learning about the 4 food groups in public school 1st grade (We watched a filmstrip even! I hope it was followed by an intellectually stimulating Laurel and Hardy feature). We didn’t have Food Pyramids then so you could put the groups into any shape you liked I suppose. Of course bananas sat right there in the “Vegetables and Fruits,” a group that enjoyed about the same level of popularity with the schoolkids as an extra helping of Phonics.

Besides the Chiquita stickers I guess Carmen Miranda and Andy Warhol made good use of bananas (Velvet Underground and Nico, great album, big ol’ banana right on the cover). But I gotta admit I have a tough time getting excited about a banana. Maybe if some Monty Pythonesque villain came at me with one it would elevate my heart rate, I dunno.It was interesting to be threatened a few years ago with the possible extinction of the current banana, that however didn’t turn out to be quite as reported in some circles.I’ll eat my banana later with the self satisfied knowledge that it is good for me. And when I’m done I’ll be left feeling as I always feel after eating a banana…empty.


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