So there’s this thing, called the phone…

You who are involved or follow the atheist movement (or Secular Humanist, Freethought, on and on…) know that there are regular disagreements. I think one should expect occasional and even regular disagreements between people who pride themselves on thinking for themselves and being unafraid to express their opinions. Sadly, sometimes arguments become personal, sometimes exchanges get ugly.

Watching people that you often know, like, and respect tear into each other can wrench a gut, maybe even break a heart. If after logging on to your social media and visiting your favorite blogs everyday you’re disheartened or tired, I don’t blame you…not a bit.



Today I had some telephone conversations with friends of mine in the atheist movement. We didn’t email or text, we talked…on the phone. I’m not going to mention their names, I don’t want to embarrass or name drop (maybe some other time), they know who they are. After each call I felt better about the things we were talking about, and I came away refreshed and energized.

Now, I hope that you read with your bullshit detector on. I sincerely hope that you are saying to yourself right now: “Greg’s probably just making this shit up, look there is no evidence other than his word that any of this actually happened. Prove to us Greg that you have friends and that you spoke with them!!”

Well tough!

Well tough!

I’m not going to offer any further evidence, so you’ll just have to make do with what I’ve given you so far…my word. After talking with people I trust and respect I felt better about things…I even found myself laughing during each conversation. How about that?


Hey, I bet that could work for others too…

He is a happy devil

He is a happy devil


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