Ready For a Fight

A friend told me last night that I have a definite voice to my writing.

I was pleased to hear this because I’ve been thinking some lately about my writing style. I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing regularly (seems I’m regularly trying to get back in the habit of writing regularly!), so I’ve been thinking about what my style is and if I need or want to intentionally modify it (other than making it more spectacular!).

He told me that my definite writing voice is: “I’m ready for a fight.”

I got my big boy pants on, Come at me bro!

I got my big boy pants on, Come at me bro!

I gotta admit, that took me back a bit. As I thought about it though it made more sense and I can see what he’s saying.  Some reasons I think that my writing voice could be “Ready for a fight” include:

  • Subject matter. I regularly write about atheism, faiths, and beliefs. These are contentious issues.
  • My stance on these subjects. I am anti-faith and so when I write about faith it is usually negative. Lots of people take their faith opinions very personally and lash out at negative portrayals of faith and especially their particular one (even though I do my best to argue ideas not persons, that’s another blog post). If you speak negatively about faith you have to be ready for a fight.
  • I think a lot about the things I write about. I refuse to make public statements that I am not ready to defend, or correct if they’re shown to be wrong. Because I am ready to defend what I say I often do defend what I say, AND I’ve grown to love arguing-that sounds to me like a recipe for “Ready for a fight.”

Reflecting on it a bit I don’t mind if my writing voice is “Ready for a fight” because what I’m often doing in my writing is sparring.  If “Ready for a fight” is indeed my writing voice then that’s fine for now. I also reserve the right to adopt different voices whenever I please because freedom to be who one is or wants to be, and to express that, is something I care about-and I’m ready to fight for it.


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