Now there’s less chance of me gnawing my arm off tomorrow

I scheduled a physical exam for tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon (‘cos I don’t often see a doctor and it’s even more seldom that I see one at 2:00 in the morning). I did this for two reasons: a) It’s good to have something to look forward to and b) I wonder from time to time just how bad of a shape I’m in, figure I might want to live a while, and reflexively make a doctor appointment.

It’s been a while (don’t ask) since I had a physical examination and I guess I just assumed that they’d do a blood draw. The person who scheduled my appointment however acted like that was something to be set up separately (or maybe I just read her wrong, I’ve read wrong before), with fasting for 12 years (hours) and so on. So I just figured I’d wing it, make the appointment for 2:00 in the afternoon (a nice leisurely hour for myself I thought), and casually mention the bloody lab work to the doc during the visit.

I got the courtesy reminder (seriously, love the courtesy reminder, could probably use more of those) from the Doc’s office this morning and the person who left me the voicemail mentioned that if I wanted blood taken (and who doesn’t?!) that I should just fast for 12 hours, and tell them when I got there.

Visions of chugging water and coffee while alternating between nodding off and vibrating maniacally while watching the clock came to mind. Dammit, I want the tests so I’m willing to do the fast, even if it turns me into even more of a grump taken to rambling out loud to the fortunate ones about Jimi knows what.

So I called the office back to let them know my plan and I’m glad I did. The woman I spoke with said that the doctor could order the test tomorrow and I could drop in one morning and do the blood draw. It’s an extra trip for me, but a painless fast and I like to drive. Making an extra call and clarifying what can be done, what is acceptable and expected, resulted in what should be an easier time for me. Hooray for gathering more information to reach a better decision.


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