Questions, Answers, Proddings, and a Surprise Poke



So I went to the Doctor yesterday just as I was scheduled to. I had my first physical exam in quite a long while (there was a different POTUS the last time I had one). We can build these types of experiences up in our minds if we like and there are at least a godzillion (that’s a shit ton of Godzillas or something) Dr visit jokes out there, but this appointment wasn’t too bad. Sure, I got poked and prodded some, but it wasn’t awful at all, I got a piece of candy on the way out, and I was glad I made the appointment.

My hope was to leave with no huge surprises and that is just what happened. I expected that he would mention that I should exercise more (I sit on my ass, a lot, and worse I’ve come to enjoy it) and lose some weight-and he did. There are certainly things to work on but as of yesterday (I still want to drop in and do a blood draw for a lab, probably one morning next week) things weren’t any worse than I had imagined they were.

I had a few questions, not huge concerns but things I was curious about nonetheless. He took a look at whatever I asked about, explained briefly what he saw going on and there was nothing too startling in what he observed (I would consider anything “startling” in a physical exam to most likely be negative). It’s good to have those questions answered.

At the end of the appointment he asked me when I’d had my last Tetanus shot. Now that was something that I hadn’t considered and I had to answer honestly that I had no idea.

If he’d asked me as a child when I’d had my last Tetanus shot I could probably have answered, at any stage of childhood: “the last time I saw the Doctor.” I grew up in a rural area and was always running around outside stepping on rusty nails, or cutting myself on old farm equipment and whatever the hell else I could find to pierce or gash myself on. Oh and let’s not forget cats, getting bitten by cats was a great way to zazz up a zazzless day. It was a pretty good time with plenty of blood, and Tetanus boosters.

I think that it’s probably standard Doctor protocol that if you can’t tell them when you got your last Tetanus booster they give you one because he ordered one right up. I am now ahead of lockjaw for about the next decade and I have a new pep in my step. I’m sure that I will face the next rusty nail, old shed, or angry cat with confidence.


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