The organizer did what? Ok, I’ll just be in my room, I guess…

So let’s say I’m an atheist/humanist/freethinker/agnostic/some type of one or more of these. And I don’t really know any other people who think like me and who are really interested in talking about these subjects.

And I’m on my laptop in my apartment and I’m looking for a local group dedicated to these subjects and BOOM, there they are! Look, they meet regularly and it looks like they do some fun things now and again, wow this is great! I can’t believe there’s a group here that I can hook up with and talk about all this!
Here’s the lead organizer’s name, cool, let me look on Facebook here real fast maybe they’re there. Yup there they are, and look we have a couple of mutual friends, that’s so funny.
We’ll just check out their FB page here. They look nice, here they are with a puppy, okay here’s their latest status…
Looks like they’re calling out one of the members of the group…over some argument or disagreement they had…can’t really tell what happened but they think this member of the group is a pretty rotten person. Hmmmm…
Let’s look here in the comments, maybe there’s more to the story. Oh, here they’ve told a couple of commenters how evil THEY are for their opinions.
Well, um, maybe I’ll check out the group later, I don’t know…
Okay, now I’m someone else (I love getting to play all these different roles!). Now I’m already a member of the group . I’ve been going to meetings, pretty regularly, for about a year. I’ve made a few friends, we roadtripped to a conference together last Spring.
And I’m goofing on Facebook, longer than I should be probably, here in my timeline is the status update for my friend who is the organizer of the group and…
They got into a heated discussion with one of our other friends and …wow. They posted this online.
Dammit. I hate drama, I was really enjoying being a part of this group…fuck. Well, I have other things going on, maybe I’ll just lie low for a while, I don’t know…
And, scene.
Sometimes we group organizers wonder why our group isn’t thriving or growing. We’re meeting regularly and we’ve scheduled interesting programming but people aren’t showing up. Even some of our regulars aren’t around as much as they used to be. People aren’t engaging in our discussions online and at our meetups as much as we’d like.
Sometimes it’s difficult to see why our wonderful activity isn’t being celebrated for its sheer awesomeness, but sometimes… 

2 thoughts on “The organizer did what? Ok, I’ll just be in my room, I guess…

  1. Crazy doings and drama around the Secular Party or former Atheist Party or whatever has driven me away from getting any deeper involved in atheist stuff. Don’t believe, don’t generally think about it at all. Don’t like drama either.


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