Halloween under attack in parts of Russia

It seems Halloween is under attack in some areas of Russia, from Time:

The regional minister of education, Sergei Alekseev, confirmed the reports in a statement, saying the ban on Halloween was part of an effort to stop “extremist sentiments among children and young people.” Events held on school grounds, he added, should coincide with the “basic cultural values of the people of Russia.”


Holy Shit. Censorship and banning and clampdowns on expression seem to be widespread “cultural values.”

Keep reading down through the Time article and who will be mentioned? Why it’s a church! The Russian Orthodox Church to be exact.

From imprisonment of punk rocker activists, to anti-LGBT laws, to bans on holidays, the Russian Orthodox Church is never far these days from reports of abuse of authority in the region. At minimum they’re a gleeful co-suppressor (if not instigator) of individual conscience and human rights. The church is situated exactly where you’d expect an orthodox religious institution with memories of past glory and dreams of future power to be.

When religion and governance are brought together to stomp on people who are the tools and who wields the tools? What is the future for those who are ruled by despots secular and religious?


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