NaBloPoMo 2013

I found out today (Nov.1st) that November is National Blog Posting Month, so of course I decided to do it.

I’m doing it for reals too, no cheats. I’m posting the blogs to my WordPress site here, not my Tumblr which is for shorter off the cuff links (cufflinks?) and such (see how I worked that promo in there!) and is easier to post to every day (tumbleloggin’).

But no really, I will be posting something I, Greg Lammers, actually write, every damned day. Which means these scribbled half-ass thoughts and outline essays getting smudged in my composition book aren’t gonna be enough. I gotta take it to the next level, or some shit.

I’ve covered November 1st already (and no, not with this post, a different one!) so I only have 29 days left. No problem, right?


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