Power Metal: Power us out the door!

I take H, my 7 year old son, to school every morning before I head in to work.

Getting both of us ready and out the door has never been a smooth process draped in smiles and lollipops. When we have plenty of time to get dressed and eat some breakfast we’re cool (often we even listen to some music). But if we’re pressed for time and we must get hold of some extra motivation, it can get tense.

See, motivation of others is not a skill that I generally advertise. My go-to methods of motivation are whining and hounding, I don’t want to do either one but I REALLY don’t want to whine so I hound.

It doesn’t help that I am not nor have I ever been a morning person. I’m probably less happy than he is about even being awake, so there’s that.

H loves superheroes (like I do, more than I do in fact) and he likes Rock music (He will never be allowed to like Rock music more than I do!). Recently he was watching a superhero cartoon on YouTube and a Power metal song was playing behind some epic battle. H was rocking out to it. When I looked up some Helloween for him later he marched, ran, slid, and somersaulted about the room in a battle with unseen villians.

I had been listening to a lot of Doom and some Black Metal (well, and Motorhead, I’m always listening to Motorhead) recently but I started looking up more Power Metal and listening to it with H. I found that we both had fun with a lot of what we heard. He especially likes Dragonforce and Helloween (I’m a Helloween man myself).

I’ve decided to enlist Power Metal to help get us out the door in the mornings. I’m  thinking of mornings with soundtracks of pounding drums, bombastic guitars, and anthemic vocals. With its fantastical and epic themes of monsters, warriors, quests, battles, and victories, I think that Power Metal might just be a triumphant morning game changer.


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