Freethought Friday

We here at Godless Greg are instituting a new, um, institution.

Welcome to the first Freethought Friday.

Every Friday I, Greg, will post some, um, post on the intricacies, subtleties, and discernments of Freethought. Now, if you aren’t sure what Freethought is and what I mean by the term, well let me lay a definition on ya:


Outlook which holds that “what we think” should be based upon observation of our natural reality and reasoned inferences from those observations. It holds that our opinions should be based, as far as is possible, on facts in our natural world and not upon authority, dogma, tradition, superstition, popular culture, your mom, etc.

A Freethinker then is one who uses the tools of freethought (scientific method, critical thought, irreverence, unruliness) in forming their opinions.

The above definition for Freethought is what one Freethinker (yours truly) has cobbled together over a couple of days or decades. I consider Freethought to be a stance of substance, not just an opposition to authority (though that’s part of it).

So, alles klar? Thank you for tuning in for the first, the inaugural, Freethought Friday. Freethought is always cool, always essential, and it’s something the entire family can enjoy, anywhere, anytime!

Thanks and we’ll see you later.



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