Secular Sunday


Of this world, not a spiritual world or place or belonging to a supernatural being or beings.

Separate from faith and religion.

The idea of the secular, the secular space, the secular event, the secular society, and the secular person are I’d say rather modern (as in the last few hundred years) ideas.

Ancient cultures for the most part didn’t separate the world and their society into separate realms of the natural and the supernatural. Spirits moved in the same world in the same space as the everyday person. The dictates of the rulers were the dictates of the gods, the advice of the ancestors was not to be questioned lightly.

We moderns inhabit a very different world than our ancient ancestors. Even the majority of the professed faithful don’t live, breathe, walk, and talk every minute with the supernatural (at least here in 2013 central MO USA). The majority faithful inhabit the same secular spaces as those of other faiths and no faith.

On Friday I kicked off Freethought Friday here at Godless Greg WP. I’ll post my takes on the methods and outlook of Freethought every week. This post begins Secular Sunday. I’ll write a bit on what secularism is and isn’t and why it’s so important to modern people, culture, and society, and what I think it means to be secular.

Thanks, we’ll see you soon!


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