Kind of sick and watching Stieg Larsson films out of order

I was feeling a bit shitty this morning, running a fever, sweats, chills, tummy ache (poor baby). So I popped an ibuprofen and curled up for much of the day. I didn’t even drink any coffee this morning, how awful.

I watched the third film of the Millennium series The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest . I watched The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo last week and so I was due to watch the second film The Girl Who Played With Fire next. Somehow I managed to choose the wrong film on the Netflix menu and then out of pride, stubbornness, or laziness I went ahead and watched Hornet’s Nest rather than go back and watch the films in order.

I loved both movies, the stories and characters are riveting. Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace, and the entire cast of both films are fantastic. Warning for the squeamish: There’s plenty of brutality, but this isn’t blood porn or um, porn porn for that matter. I was more drawn into Tatoo than I was Hornet’s Nest, I felt like Tattoo moved faster and carried more action, it may have all just been my particular mood from one day to the next or something I ate.

Both movies kick ass and I’m looking forward to seeing the second one. Oh and I’m feeling better too.


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