Hooked by a reading aloud

My wife has been reading the first Harry Potter book, Sorcerer’s Stone, to H the past couple of nights. I’ve caught myself listening to her reading, even making faces at H in response to passages in the book.

I’ve read parts of the books to myself before, and I think I’ve seen all the movies. So I, like most of the inhabitants of the Western world (maybe the whole world), have a working knowledge of the Potter story.

Hearing Rowling’s words read aloud to a little boy who is listening and reacting to every phrase is different than watching a film adaptation or even reading the words quietly. H and I were pulled in to a story that was very well put together from page one. A tale intelligently designed to catch one’s attention and lead one to relate with the young protagonist.

Storytelling is a powerful art, we are surrounded by so many stories told through so many mediums. Video, music, movies, games, on and on, there are so many amazing ways to tell stories. I was honestly caught a little off guard at how I was drawn in by a simple “low tech” reading aloud of a catchy tale.


One thought on “Hooked by a reading aloud

  1. I started to read the series as a dare from my daughter when she was about 13. And I must say JKR is a good story teller …I watched all the movies and today I am a HP fan. I crocheted the golden snitch and plan to crochet all the HP characters soon 🙂


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