Happy tables and studio space

I posted Saturday about clearing off a table we have in our family room. We dubbed the part of that newly cleared table, the part that doesn’t have the all important laptop sitting on it, H’s “studio space.”

This was a 2 birds/1 stone type of thing that has worked out pretty damned well I gotta say.

H had been doing a lot of his drawing on our for-real dining room table, the one in the dining room, where we eat. Every night it came time to clear off pencils and markers and crayons and scissors and tape and scraps of paper and finished works and partial works.

Now all of that stuff has been moved to the “studio space.” H loves it because he has his own spot to do his own thing and he doesn’t have to be run out of it every night at dinner. His Mom and I love it for the same reasons, though maybe not in the same order.

The original plan didn’t call for the studio space, it only called for clearing the clutter off of one table. Once we started running with it things started happening though and now H, his Mom, myself, and two rooms and two tables are happier for it.

So, uh, run with it I guess…or something.


2 thoughts on “Happy tables and studio space

  1. I haven’t been able to get the paragraphs to break in this post. I’ve had this problem with other WordPress blogs before, never this one.

    I don’t know how to fix it, sorry for the small wall of text.


  2. Okay, kept messing with it, went to the Text editor and there was extra stuff in there about span and div and line height and so on. I’m sure I probably put it in there somehow (unless there are WP goblins that run about doing such things) but I sure didn’t intend to.

    Anyway, it looks better and I feel better now. Carry on. 🙂


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