Many metals, Metal Mondays

I mentioned last week that my 7 year old and I have been listening to Power Metal recently. We listen to it in the mornings to get us pumped up and out the door and we also listen to it in the evenings while doing light chores or drawing or goofing around (or all three).

So I’ve been listening to some Power Metal but that’s not all I’ve been listening to. I’m continuing to try to listen to a lot of different stuff and dig deeper into the material and artists that I find myself really interested in.

I’ve been listening to Winter Kills by Devil Driver. This album has a lot of pounding energy (esp. pounding drums) and a lot of well done hooks (thanks to the friend who recommended it), really, it fucking rocks. I’m also listening to some Amon Amarth. I started with Surtur Rising, which I love (lots of good stuff, even a System of a Down cover!), and went on to Twilight of the Thunder God. I like the heavy yet structured sound and heroic subject matter of the Amon Amarth stuff, delicious.

I’m also planning a new weekly post (ala Freethought Friday and Secular Sunday). Hopefully I’ll have something ready to go this coming Monday for the first “Metal Monday!” \m/

Catch you later.


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