What the hell am I listening to, 18 Nov 2013

(This post is part of the weekly series Metal Monday)

I’ve been listening to some Amon Amarth the past few days. I picked up Surtur Rising and then Twilight Of The Thunder God last week and have found myself nodding my noggin and grinning like Loki after he has just done something, uh, Loki-ish ever since.

The Amon Amarth I’ve been listening to sets a dark, heavy mood as it gallops, and it sings as it growls. It’s truly heavy but it’s no burden.

Of the two Amon Amarth albums I’ve been pounding my earholes with I have to give an edge to Twilight of the Thunder God. Though it and Surtur Rising are both very enjoyable and worth the loot and effort I feel Twilight drives harder and at the same time smoother. Of course I could listen to them both a couple dozen more times and give you a completely different answer. Tell you what, give them both a few listens and let me know what you think. Also, any death metal fans who read this and have any recommendations of bands I just have to listen to, I’m always open to a recommendation (I won’t promise I’ll absolutely immediately love everything though).

I’m always listening to different stuff depending on what I’m up to, what mood I’m in, or what mood I’d like to be in. My 7 year old man H and I are still listening to a lot of super-fun power metal, some Helloween, some Dragonforce. At first listen he didn’t too much care for the Stratovarius I played for him but after a few more plays here and there I caught him humming along to the melody of the Stratovarius track Unbreakable (okay I might have been humming along too).

I feel it’s advisable to keep a steady fuzzy backdrop of doom or stoner metal, since last week that’s been Gravity X by Truckfighters. And without regular shots of Motorhead life would be much more difficult, or dull. Their newest album Aftershock is delicious.

So long for now. \m/

What are you listening to?


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