A neck wrenching retrospective

In the middle of eating dinner the night before last I stopped cold, which is something I rarely never do.

“Oh man!” I exclaimed.

“What?” asked Katie.

“My throat really hurts all of a sudden,” I said in what I imagine and certainly meant to be a tone of shock and amazement. “When I swallow it really hurts.”

“Did you scratch the inside of your throat with something?” asked my wife (she’s a therapist and automatically goes into diagnostic mode with things like this. I’m not complaining, having a health professional in the house is something I highly recommend…especially if they’re pretty).

“I don’t think so.” I replied.

We then remembered that the night before, I’d told her how I had sneezed pretty hard (a common enough occurrence) but almost more through my throat than my nose (have you ever done that? I didn’t recall ever doing that before). Katie suggested that maybe I’d pulled a muscle.

I’ve settled on that suggestion as at least a temporary diagnosis. I noticed today if I tilt my head back and look straight up that it hurts (not too bad but I can feel it) right down the center of my neck, like the muscle is indeed pulled.

I’ve had sore throats and pulled muscles before but this is a new thing (I was going to say “new sensation.” But I didn’t want to risk you getting any old INXS songs stuck in your head…) for me.

It reminds me of when I was 11 or 12 and was coming out of some flu type illness that had run a day or two. It was a Sunday morning (I think) and my Mom had made breakfast (scrambled eggs if I’m not mistaken). Just as breakfast was getting started I felt a violent sneeze coming on.

I didn’t want to sneeze all over the table and my breakfast so I turned my head down and to the left and let nature take its course. When I came up I couldn’t straighten my head completely or turn it to the right. I had yanked the muscles in my neck and was stuck with my head tilted a bit to the left for that day and the next.

I’ve always fancied myself (realistically or not) as pretty tough and/or fortunate. I have never had a broken bone (that I know of, and I went looking for them a few times). I’ve never suffered an illness that required hospitalization (not counting Emergency Room visits for Tetanus shots here…damned cats).

I was in multiple car wrecks when I was young and for some reason that I cannot fathom I always felt a strange almost zen-like calm as they happened. Time seemed to slow and I just watched them unfold. I don’t recall ever being REALLY frightened in an automobile, not by the opportunity for an accident in any case.

But maybe I should watch these sneezes a little closer. Who goes around pulling muscles (granted once or twice every 20 years so far) with sneezes? Is this a thing?

Anyway before you go, let me check here, I’ll look up and, yup, still tight.



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