I have Ghost and the diseaser sees no cure

(This post is part of the weekly series Metal Monday)

Today I gave my first listen to Ghost’s latest If You Have Ghost.

I approached this latest release from the theatrical Swedes with just a bit of trepidation. I, like many, loved Opus Eponymous. I picked up Infestissumam as soon as it came out on the strength of Opus and was left a little flat. Don’t get me wrong, I like Infestissumam and still listen to it now and again but I don’t think it’s as strong as Opus. I dig “Secular Haze” but I don’t think the second album has the outrageous pop hooks that the first did with tracks like “Ritual,” “Elizabeth,” and “Satan Prayer.”

If You Have Ghost is an EP, 5 songs one of them a live recording of Secular Haze. The other tracks are covers of songs by the likes of Depeche Mode and Abba, yes Abba. Many Ghost fans have already heard their cover of “I’m a Marionette,” which is quite fun. I hadn’t heard “Waiting for the Night” before. Ghost gives it a good treatment of Ghost-doom, it works well. 

I’m glad I picked up If You Have Ghost. And really, it’s not like I was going to HATE it, but I’m glad I enjoyed it so much, ‘cos I really wanted to.



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