Timisoreana, a nice solid Euro Lager

Is that beer in a green bottle? While drinking it are you now and then reminded of something pungent, rhymes with smolecat, no, try um, schkunk?

I for one dig a Euro lager.

There are lots of great Euro lagers out there that you can drink all day (and they are crisp and light, so you CAN drink them all day…not that I would know anything about that or encourage such an activity).

We’re pretty familiar with many of the big name Euro Lagers such as Heineken, Stella Artois, Grolsch, maybe you can think of one or 4 more. They’re workhorses, everyday, readily available European beers.

This style of beer isn’t being scooped up by the desperate-to-impress or the beererati. But I appreciate it.


I cut my beer teeth back in the day (ahh, the day) on American Adjuncts (I’ve long referred to them as yellow-beers, still happily drink them) which were about the only thing available in my locale.

And also back in that day one would now and again drink a Heineken or a Lowenbrau, and in the days before there were micro-brews and 1 godzillion IPAs, that Euro-lager taste could actually be, dare I say, exciting.

So Europe’s a big place, let’s have a different one now and again…and again. One of the not so household name Euro lagers is Timisoreana.

Timisoreana is out of Romania. The name goes back to the 18th century (the Timisoreana Brewery in Timisora was built in 1718…thank you Wikipedia). It’s owned by Ursus, a big name in Romanian brewing, which is owned by SAB Miller, one of the big multinational beer congloms.

Timisoreana is good. It might not blow your damned mind but it has a full, smooth, pleasant flavor. It’s a solid drink, a good and interesting example of its class. It works great as an extra special treat after a fair amount of yard work or at the end of a brutal 8 hour, it’s even better just for the hell of it with some new or old friends. If you enjoy this style of beer, as I do, give Timisoreana a try.



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