NaBloPoMo-I did it!

The first day of November I happened upon a notification that it was National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo, which I’m familiar with. Not only that, there’s also a spinoff of National Blog Post Month NaBloPoMo, which I hadn’t heard of. I had been making a dedicated and somewhat disorganized attempt at more regular blogging so I decided I would take up the challenge.

I declared that I’d post at least one blog every day for the entire month of November. And I did it.

I didn’t sign up on any official event promotionals or lists. I just declared that I would post some original writing here on Godless Greg WP every day and use the NaBloPoMo tag. Then I wrote something every day.

I have to write regularly (not everyday mind you) for some other projects I’m involved with and I can be a horrible procrastinator about it. I torture myself until the last minute about my subject and then hammer out pieces that usually aren’t really too bad (if I do say so myself). But I don’t make it easy for myself, I make it into a much bigger thing then it needs to be.

I really do love to write, it’s just a matter of reminding myself and then making myself do it. So I think I’m going to try to keep pounding away at these keyboards regularly and get something up here just about every day. I won’t promise that I’ll keep it up forever or even a week and I’m certainly not promising that it will all be brilliant. But I’ll try to keep it going.

See ya


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