2 Bits outta place

Digging around in a desk drawer earlier today I found a Canadian quarter. It was most likely tossed in there without a second glance after being spat out by some vending machine. I thought my 7 year old man H might dig it.

I presented it to him this evening. I told H I had something for him and asked him to go grab a quarter out of the change can. He returned with a 2001 Rhode Island US quarter, I laid the Canadian quarter down next to it and asked him to take a look and tell me about some of the differences.

He noted pretty quickly that George Washington wasn’t on the one, there was some different guy. Wait, that’s not a guy. No, it’s a girl, it says, um, Elizabeth, II, there’s a deer on the back, the other one has a boat. And what’s the word next to the deer? Can-a-da.

“Yeah” I said, “It’s a Canadian quarter, like a US quarter but…

He thought it was neat. I told him he could have it but he couldn’t spend it (well, unless we visited Canada).

He said he didn’t really want it, “What good is having money you can’t spend?” he asked.

Well, ok.

Right on


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