convenient gods and cosmic cop outs

A famous pastor, political figure, Pope, friend, family member, or neighbor, claims that they are against equal rights for X group of people because God is against equal rights for X group of people.

In this person’s fantasyland one particular God created everything including puppy dogs and cancer and HE (this god is almost always a HE) declared at the beginning of it all that certain things should be certain ways forever and ever (even if they’ve only been the way they are now for a few decades or centuries) hallelujah, praise and glory be, amen.

This person wouldn’t dare go against anything that the Lord and Creator of the Universe himself decreed (although if we dig into their tradition a bit more there’s a good chance we’ll find directives they ignore or boldly contradict). Why if it weren’t for the Lord of all and His mysterious ways this faithful follower might even have different political views, who knows?

Alas, our true believer can never change their politics and must work tirelessly to assure that others are screwed, all in the name of their Lord.

Gods are useful cover for all manner of bullshittery. Instead of growing a pair and admitting that one holds backward and/or hateful viewpoints and is looking to enforce them in the public square, a believer can claim (and they regularly do) that they’re only doing their God’s will. It’s the Superior orders dodge but on a cosmic scale.

Adherence to authority isn’t a pretty excuse. “I was just following orders” isn’t noble, even if the orders come from the Fuhrer of everywhere.

Gods are often little more than a cop-out. If you’re going to be a prick at least own it. Don’t blame it on some pathetic deity or a bag of old myths.


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