The comfort of Doom

(This post is part of the weekly series Metal Monday)

People use art for a godzillion different effects and purposes. Two different people use the same art in two or two hundred different ways.

Music is an ancient companion of homo sapiens. The power of music is witnessed by those who have seen an infant bob his head to a beat or a teenager escaping into their room and away from the world or one of us with many memories revisiting them through the power of recorded sound.

I’ve always used music as an escape, and an access to other places and situations and lifestyles and thought. I use Metal music with its blasts and power and soaring and diving and roaring and driving and anger and sadness and pain and triumph to focus energy and to soothe frayed nerves. I have always found hard rock and metal to be calming (maybe cathartic is a more accurate term).

One of my favorite genres of metal is Doom. Often after an extended listen to Elder or Windhand I find myself almost waking up to realize where I was. Much of it can be almost hypnotic, meditative, relaxing.

Doom is like an old sweater that I’ve thrown in the corner of the living room for countless winters to put on whenever I need an extra layer of warmth. Having listened, like so many, to so much Sabbath and Zeppelin and Hendrix and Deep Purple and so on, doom is a natural sound to slide into.

I didn’t have to grow to like or understand doom like I have some other types of music or art or food. I was already there.

Some of the Doom acts I’m digging these days (and if you think they are sludge or stoner or something else that’s cool, I don’t worry too much about the boxes) include Saint Vitus (classic), Windhand, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Sleep, Kyuss, Orchid, Elder, Conan, and Stoned Jesus, and of course the eternal Black Sabbath.

If you like doom and there’s a group or a particular release you think I should check out please feel free to give me a yell.



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