I’ll pray for you, no, I’ll pray for you

I’ll pray for you.

Ahh, the “I’ll pray for you.” What a lovely sentiment right?


There are at least two types of “I’ll pray for you” and these two can probably be broken down into a few more subtypes.

There is the sincere “I’ll pray for you” of the friend or loved one who is genuinely concerned or worried and has nothing else to say or has this saying at hand for particular situations.

I’m truly touched to hear concern voiced by someone who is really thinking of me and cares. It’s true that I don’t buy into any power of prayer but I understand where the sentiment comes from and I sincerely appreciate it.

Then there is the common “I’ll pray for you” which is slung spitefully by faith advocates (in my experience ALWAYS some kind of Christian). This “I’ll pray for you” is the pious version of “Fuck you.” It is uttered by the ignoramus who has either run out of arguments or more likely didn’t have any to begin with. It is desperate, intended as nothing more than an insult.

When a believer wings this gem they are demonstrating a complete disregard for another and they deserve nothing more than disdain in return.

I take each “I’ll pray for you” in the spirit with which it’s intended. So, if you say “I’ll pray for you” out of a genuine place of care and compassion with no ill will – thank you. If you’re the type that goes about distributing malicious “I’ll pray for yous” to people you don’t agree with or approve of – fuck you too.

It would be dickish to return scorn for a genuine and compassionate “I’ll pray for you” and it’d be slavish to return respect for a snide “I’ll pray for you.”

Believers: If you’re going to spread unsolicited and venomous “I’ll pray for yous” please be sure to include your credit card details and/or wads of cash (no denominations under $100’s). Put some lucre where your mouth is.

It won’t make me respect your faith any more though.


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