A young one and a light in the dark

(This post is part of the weekly series Freethought Friday)

About 20 minutes after our nightly book and our nightly kiss on the forehead and our nightly “love you” and the nightly turning off of the light I happened past H’s room.

A light that wan’t supposed to be there caught my attention. I angled myself where I could peek into his room.

H was lying in bed reading a book with one of his many flashlights (flashlights have been one of his favorite toys since he was little, he has a collection any 7 year old would be proud of).

You know and I know and H surely knows that he’s supposed to be sleeping when it’s time to sleep, not reading books with a flashlight in his hand. I would’ve been doing my Dad duty to bust him for it.

Do you think I did?

We want our kids to love to learn, a crucial part of that is developing a love of reading. We don’t just want our kids to learn and read because they have to, we want them to love it, to crave it.

What work is more delicious than the one we aren’t supposed to be engaged with? The forbidden is the most exciting. 

Freethought demands robust individuals who fearlessly experience and learn and then report what they know in the face of criticism and damnation. Why, to drop the Dad-hammer on a kid who’s reading a book he’s not supposed to would, for a self styled freethinker be almost, um, blasphemous.

You’re damn right I let him be.


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