Metal Monday: Updates of doom and blackness

(This post is part of the weekly series Metal Monday)

For last week’s Metal Monday I wrote about Doom and somehow neglected to mention Ghost. I’m aware that shit happens but I still don’t know how. Not mentioning Ghost was an oversight. I’ve been digging their new EP If You Have Ghost lately as well as Opus Eponymous (still my favorite from Ghost) and Infestissumam. Ghost’s whole thing, the stage show, the costumes, nameless Ghouls, and, best of all, catchy metal-pop ditties about Satan (song after song after song about Satan) is well executed.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the band Immortal. I mentioned in that post that I have 4 albums from the fun asskickers from Norway and of those albums I probably listen most to Pure Holocaust and All Shall Fall. Almost immediately after posting that I started listening to At The Heart of Winter a lot (possibly out of spite for my own statement). The upshot is that in the last two weeks I’ve developed a real affection for that album. I’ve also since then picked up the audio recording Live at Wacken  from 2007 (I earlier mentioned enjoying the video of that performance). It’s excellent.

Any Doom or Black Metal you’re digging that I should check out?



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