Looking forward to 2014 and less

I enjoy the change of the calendar year and New Year’s Eve, have since I was a kid. I don’t make resolutions because I try not to make promises I’m not already at least half way to keeping. Like everyone else who’s lived much I’ve broken a promise or two (not recently that I’m aware of), I don’t like it much.

I do however have a habit of reflecting on the state of the person around the change of the year. This year like every other there are things I feel I can and should improve. Part of that is going to be a general project (many specifics still undetermined) of weeding out some of the fluff and the extra stuff and entertaining less bullshit, from myself and others.

If you’ve checked out the sidebar of this blog you know that this isn’t the only Godless Greg site. Godless Greg dot Tumblr is a tumblelog that I post more random thoughts and asides and goings on and links and on and on. I like the loose format and just writing up something quick and posting or sharing a link and leaving it for the reader to judge.

Here at Godless Greg WordPress I’ve tried to write more polished (not that they’re all exquisite by any means) pieces of a bit longer length. For the last few months the two have been fairly separate projects requiring their own focus and energy.

I’m going to try to integrate the blog things a little more. I’ll still post essays of varying length here but I’m not going to task myself with a min. daily word count or somesuch. When I have something to say I’ll say it.

I’m always posting thoughts and sharing links at the other site and so I’ll start sharing more of those here at the GGWP (as digests rather than in a tumblelog format so as not to fill up your TL) if you’re hanging around you’ll see more of that.

So do you make resolutions? Do you find yourself taking some stock of yourself or your situation around this time of year? Is New Year’s Day just another day with possibly a worse hangover?

Anyway, an early wish of a Happy New Year to you. Take care.



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