Thoughts, asides, and besides…Fri. Jan. 03, 2014

Historically, freethought has become identified with the rejection of religious doctrines. This is because it is from the side of religion that the impulse to intolerance has come. Human society is born in the shadow of religious fear, and in that stage the suppression of heresy is a sacred social duty. Then comes the rise of a priesthood, and the independent thinker is met with punishment in this world and the threat of eternal damnation hereafter. Even to-day it is from the religious side that the greatest danger to freedom of thought comes. Religion is the last thing man will civilise.”

-From The Meaning and Value of Freethought by Chapman Cohen

“Thousands of brand-new Irish homes have sat empty for years. And now the government is demolishing them.”

Columbia Atheists had a really great first of the year meetup Wednesday night. A good group of interesting people makes for a good night of interesting chat.

Thanks for all who came out, especially those who traveled a ways in the not exactly light snow.

When superstition runs the hospital

Check your Snopes!

“Judge denies atheist equal representation in Mountain Home, Arkansas.”

Before I get behind your “constructive dialogue” suggestion I want to know what it is you suggest we construct.

“To the Pastor Giving Atheism a Shot for a Year: You’re Doing It Wrong”

“Doom Metal: The Gentle Art of Making Misery”

Keep on Truckin’…


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