Thoughts, asides, and besides…Sat. Jan.04, 2014

“CHRISTIANS are perpetually crying that we destroy and never build up. Nothing could be more false, for all negation has a positive side, and we cannot deny error without affirming truth. But even if it were true, it would not lessen the value of our work. You must clear the ground before you can build, and plough before you sow. Splendor gives no strength to an edifice whose foundations are treacherous, nor can a harvest be reaped from fields unprepared for the seed.”

-from The Gospel of Freethought by G.W. Foote

There are countless religions, sects, cults, in the world. They can’t all be right.

But they can all be wrong.

“This tree gets it.”

“U.S. judge asks: Why haven’t the financial executives been prosecuted?”

“Group calls attention to separation of church and state,” good work Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers 

“North Carolina Politician Writes Resignation Letter in Klingon”

I’m not going to encourage other’s superstitions if I can help it.

Hope your weekend is going OK. Take care


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