Thoughts, asides, and besides…Sun. Jan.05, 2014

People are not their faiths. They can and often do change their minds.

“More and more Indonesian non-believers are taking a stance against what they perceive is an archaic and repressive system.”

The Book of Mormon: The ultimate blogger’s guide

“With this fallacy, the arguer tries to get people to agree with their conclusion by evoking pity and sympathy either with their situation or with the situation of some third party.”

With god anything is possible-because gods are imaginary.

“Myth: Real Atheists Don’t Convert Others, Wouldn’t Promote Atheism”

“The value of a religion, from an artistic point of view, depends upon lack of belief in it. For example, men no longer believe in Greek mythology; those old myths are regarded quite frankly as myths; and so, while realizing the superstition out of which they grew, we can enjoy them in the spirit of poetry. They are colorful; they are entertaining; we can indulge our imagination with them and not corrupt our common sense and reason.”

-E. Haldeman-Julius

Hope your Sunday is a nice one. Take care


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