Thoughts, asides, and besides…Wed. Jan.08, 2014

Freedom of and from belief and association are values that have value for all, whether they believe in gods or not.

I dig London cabs, they’re cool as hell. Newcastle Cabbie isn’t bad, a little thin with a bit of caramel.

The answers are always provisional. None are above question.

“Colour of ancient sea creatures revealed”

“Room with a view of the Austrian Alps”

What does it say about the truth value of an opinion when its advocates demand that it be held in high esteem and beyond ridicule?

“Searching for the Amazon’s Hidden Civilizations”

“It is beyond all doubt that the theological systems which have so long dominated the world are far from being infallible and uniform in their teachings ; hence time and ability, which should have been devoted to endeavouring to solve the problems of existence, have been misused upon vain speculations that have no actual or reasonable basis.”

-Charles Watts

Take care


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