Thoughts, asides, and besides…Sat. Jan.11, 2014

Faith based opinions are no more worthy of respect than any other kind of opinion, no matter how special the pleading. #atheist

“Alice in Wonderland Illustrated by Ralph Steadman: A 1973 Gem” Steadman of course famous for illustrating Hunter S. Thompson works.

“Pakistani schoolboy who died stopping bomber recommended for award” A tremendous act of courage.

If Pascal’s wager were pertinent I’d find out which God’s Hell is the worst and believe in that one. #atheist

“Famed SC atheist Herb Silverman leaving On Faith blog” Herb’s a good one. We’ll continue to hear from him.

Utah gay marriages to be recognised at federal level despite supreme court stay

You can reason with a person, you can’t reason with a superstition. #atheist

Religion poisons everything

-Christopher Hitchens

My Best, Greg


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