Thoughts, asides, and besides…Mon. Jan.13, 2014

Our god is beyond comprehension, now here is exactly what HE wants you to do. #atheist

“Such DFW. Very Orwell. So Doge. Wow.”  On discourse and language, on the then and on the now and such shit.

“It Is Expensive to Be Poor”

Superstition has nothing left but unearned respect. The time for respecting that shit has passed. #atheist

“Is Candy Crush Turning Your Kid Into A Degenerate Gambler?” 

“The revolt of the unpaid intern”

We need shortcuts, we have to take many things on authority, we often have to go with the answers others give us, for the time being. But if those things are debunked down the line we have to be able to roll with the new data.

A habit of freethought, observation, reason, skepticism, can help us bend ourselves to a changing world rather than breaking at the loss of the old answers. It can provide some stability as our old ways are being challenged or swept away.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus!

-Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski

And it’s a Monday, Take care


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