Thoughts, asides, and besides…Tue. Jan.14, 2014

So often true feelings of personal disgust or anger or fear are cloaked in the words of some noble set of ethics.

“The weird randomness of this sudden mutation of person into meme is, in the end, what’s so haunting. This could just as well have happened to anyone—any of the thousands of people who say awful things on Twitter every day.” 

“Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK”  ‘cos Islam is a religion of peace

The fact that one religious tradition isn’t as violent or hateful as some other one doesn’t make it any more “true.” #atheist

“Man Robs Gas Station, Armed With Fork”

The ridiculous doctrines of hell and sin (especially of the “original” type) are enough to condemn traditional Christianity. There’s a whole lot more awful and stupid shit in that bag though.

Okay, first things fuckin’ last!

-Nice Guy Eddie, Reservoir Dogs

Take care


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