Took the kids to California,
she has family there.
It’s pretty, expensive.
Nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.
Palm trees, weird.

The bartender opened the blinds
in the corner window.
A shaft of dancing dust
shot across the room.
The old mirror burst with the sun.

My daughter, she’s married,
two little girls of her own, pretty.
They send cards with pictures.
The boy, haven’t really talked to him in, I don’t know,
he has a good job.

She hit a switch.
Beer signs hummed to life.
The jukebox was next-
some country song from the ‘70s.
Just like yesterday.

You want something else?
She asked, walking behind the bar.
Nah, I’ll go ahead and pay
if that’s ok,
put his on there too.

He held up his glass,
Thanks man, appreciate it.
No problem. I gotta go-
take care man.
Yeah, no worries.


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