I, and I bet a lot of you, remember growing up with stories of devil worshipers. Your favorite rock band-devil worshipers, horror movies-devil worshipers, these books-devil worshipers, even the toothpaste and cleaning supplies company with the weird logo-devil worshipers.

Devil worshipers were lurking everywhere doing all kind of violent devil worshiper shit to innocent kids.

Except they weren’t.

It was religious lies, fantasy, bullshit. People were really hurt though, not by devil worshipers, by the anti-devil worshipers.


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  1. Christians elevate the devil to another deity who plays Othello with God for the souls of humans, turning them black on one side, white on the other, with the object of having the most pieces of their color when the Earth is filled up. And to listen to them bitch about Obama and liberalism and gay marriage, the devil is winning. But I’m an equal opportunity skeptic, I don’t believe in any gods the Christians come up with, good or evil.


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