I was told that I was being antagonistic to religion.

It was an accurate assessment.

I’ll tell you why I’m intentionally hostile to religion.

Some religions are crazier and/or meaner than others, but at the bottom of all religious belief is superstition. At the bottom of religion is the demand to believe without proof and to respect belief without proof. Religion is bullshit.

Bullshit will inevitably show up wherever people gather. And if you let the Bullshit hang around your abode you’ll get an infestation. The only thing to do when Bullshit shows up is to stomp on it as hard and as fast as you can.

If you leave the bullshit to linger or heaven forbid (LOL), you humor it, it’ll grow in quantity and confidence. Before you know it you, or some of your friends or loved ones will be eating up the bullshit. Often a little at first and then in bigger and bigger helpings.

Soon you or people you care for and used to know will be spouting Bullshit, subscribing to Bullshit Quarterly, or pulling money out of savings to go on the Bullshit Ashram or to the Bullshit retreat.

That’s why you gotta stomp it as hard as you can and as soon as you spot it.

Now it’s easy to stomp on Bullshit spread by assholes and douchebags. It’s tougher to eradicate Bullshit dropped off by likable people or friends or family, but you gottta do it, and the sooner and quicker the better.

So I’m antagonistic to religion.