Two Robin Williams films that had a deep and lasting effect on me were “Dead Poets Society” and “Mrs.Doubtfire.” These two films and performances impacted me with senses of struggle, dread, even horror.
The struggle for vibrant expression, to create an independent self, and finally, tragedy in the face of authority, portrayed in “Dead Poets Society” are themes that deeply affected me as a teenager and resonate with me still right in my core.
“Mrs.Doubtfire” is a comedy and though Williams was a master of absurdity, something I appreciate and try to utilize with my sons and with others, the horror of the situation that drove the character to such acts of absurdity struck me like a very real non-cartoon anvil. I saw “Mrs.Doubtfire” years before I was married, owned a home, or had children, but the prospect of a person’s family and home shattering, or being taken, hit me square in a spot of dread.
I loved these two movies and because of where they leave me I haven’t watched either one in years
Robin Williams was a superb artist and person who will be missed.

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