Read Banned Books for Free Without Pants

WOMEN IN LOVE - DH Lawrence #BannedBooksWeek #books #reading #lit


It’s Banned Books Week and you wanna read at least one book that some prude or do-gooder has tried to keep the good folks of their community from getting to. But going out to buy a book costs money and most stores require that you wear pants. You could buy an ebook and bypass your pants problem, or you act like a big person for once, put some damned pants on, and go to the library and check out a book for free.

But there’s another way.

You’re cheap and really, fuck pants. You can read lots of books online for free AND a bunch of them have been challenged by Snooty McStiffersons who probably always wore pants.

Open Culture has posted a list of banned and challenged books you can read for free, sans pants.


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