This increase in vampire activity, is it all part of someone’s master plan?

#Hellsing #anime


Watching episodes of Hellsing. I watched it years ago, so it’s familiar enough and unfamiliar enough. I love anime like this, long sweeping shots of haze and color. Slow motion movements, frozen moments. Drama, mystery, and in this one ghouls  and vampires, Alucard is such the smooth blood drinking motherfucker.


Katie is doing some work in the other room and packing, the boys are in bed. Katie is leaving tomorrow on her trip. The boys don’t have school tomorrow and I’m staying with them. Maybe a park, maybe a lunch out – Chinese maybe, or Indian.


Haven’t gotten much reading done this weekend, maybe tomorrow. Wrote quite a bit – burning up the journal paper. Helped my brother load a truck full of stuff for the city dump (what could make for a better weekend than a trip to the dump?) Played with the kids, drank a few beers, and now I’m watching anime and blogging. All in all that’s pretty good.


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