People are not their opinions

One can attack an opinion and not attack the person that holds that opinion, because people are not their opinions.
People are not their opinions.
Again –
People are not their opinions.


4 thoughts on “People are not their opinions

  1. Heck, yes! I really wish more people understood this. I have had many bad experiences with people who can’t seem to get past politics, religion or any kind of diversity of opinion.
    Short and to the point, sir.

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  2. Thanks Sourgirlohio!

    Yeah, in politics, religion, sports, music, on and on, an attack on an opinion is not an attack on a person (a personal attack can be coupled with it but it’s not the same thing). In fact, I’d add that anyone who claims that you are attacking them personally by attacking their opinion has stepped “out of bounds.”


  3. People’s opinions are a direct expression of their beliefs which drive their behavior for better or worse. If an individual espouses a racist or anti-Semetic rhetoric, for example, it is not only fair to judge their character as less than desirable but to vigorously challenge those views as inciting discrimination and harm to African Americans and Jews. There is a not so fine line between free speech and hate speech. In a democracy we have to tolerate the former and hold individuals accountable for the later.


    • Hi Evalinamarie, thanks for the comment. You mention that opinions reflect beliefs and beliefs drive action, I couldn’t agree more. I think most of us vocal atheists and anti-theists agree that beliefs drive behavior or we wouldn’t attack particular sets of beliefs.

      I think your comment and my post are in a lot of agreement. Say someone holds a reprehensible belief, if they’re able to make that belief sacred, to elevate that belief to the status of a person (or even MORE important than a person) they give that belief a level of insulation it doesn’t deserve.

      What I was aiming at in my post is to point out that opinion/belief isn’t untouchable and the fact that someone is personally insulted or offended that their belief was attacked isn’t reason to refrain from attacking that belief.

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