And can we use this battery powered device in our “traditional marriage?”

The argument that somehow gay marriage threatens “traditional marriage” (what is traditional is a whole other minefield topic) has never flown with me.

We all know “the couple that shouldn’t be married any more, and probably never should have gotten married, and probably shouldn’t have even dated or even gotten drunk/high and groped each other at that party.” We see them socially or at family get-togethers or we read about them in the tabloids (well, we accidentally see the headlines on the front of the tabloids while we’re waiting in line to pay for our 12 pack of light beer, condoms, and little chocolate donuts, we don’t really read tabloids, Pshaw!).

Every time we’re around them they bicker. And if they aren’t currently bickering it’s because they are in separate rooms, which is the result of some earlier bickering. They each complain to us separately about the other, often loud enough for the other one to hear anyway. It’s all sarcasm and backbiting (and not the good backbiting, no, the bad kind) and a never-ending toxic back and forth. Maybe when we’re not around, theirs is a torrid love affair, I wouldn’t know and I’m thankful in most cases that I’m not invited.

Their marriage doesn’t affect mine, not one bit. The fact that their marriage is a slow motion ride down a steep hill in a late model porta-potty doesn’t touch the ever-holy fucking sanctity of my marriage at all.

So how does a loving marriage between two people of the same sex who get along even a tad bit better, or even worse, affect my marriage?

It doesn’t.

(yeah, I know the argument that same sex marriage is an attack on “traditional marriage” comes from the sadly popular superstition that traditional marriage was invented by some god, but that’s bullshit that shouldn’t be taken seriously)


3 thoughts on “And can we use this battery powered device in our “traditional marriage?”

  1. People don’t define marriage by their behavior. So marriage is marriage regardless of how many people fail at it.
    Further, marriage is based on human nature, male and female and thus has the definition of the union between a man and a woman.
    And human nature is defined by natural law. The part of natural law that applies in this case is evolution.
    Gender, male and female evolved as a way to strengthen the genetic heritage of creatures that reproduce sexually.
    Consequently, it is simple common sense that homosexuality is a sexual disorder since if all men and women were gay the human race would go extinct.
    Therefore it is easy to conclude that the idea of gay marriage is preposterous.


  2. Ah, my troll returns, I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away. I’m publishing your comment because it is a textbook example of faith based awfulness (I wonder if you’re even serious).

    “Marriage” is a contract, it didn’t fall out of the sky and it didn’t sprout out of the ground. It is a societal construct and is dictated and changeable by society. The same arguments used against same sex relationships today were once leveled at interracial relationships.

    It never ceases to amaze me when a believer in superstitions such as gods and resurrections and virgin births will bust into an argument from “natural law” for the sole purpose of crapping on gay people and on same sex relationships. With their beliefs in magic miracles and supernatural hokum they pee on the very notion of anything that could rightfully be called a “natural law.”

    And marriage can include procreation but isn’t based on procreation. Childless couples are free to marry and remain married, people who are infertile get married. Oh, and don’t say that some magic dad could miraculously give an infertile couple a child. If a god could do that for an infertile couple it could do that for a gay couple. Just like it could heal amputees.

    Homosexuality is not the disorder here, religious belief is.


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