Homosexuality is not the disorder here, religious belief is

I received a comment on an earlier post re same sex marriage that was just too good to pass up. Someone going by the moniker “Silenceofmind” comes around every once in a while to drop some boilerplate pro-god wisdom. A lot, okay pretty much all, of the comments are outrageous and insulting so this particular account is the only one I’ve ever sent to moderation. I’ve been told they hit other atheist blogs too,  I don’t keep track. Anyway, the comment was so good, and it gave me the chance to make some points that I would like to make at some point anyway so here goes, first, from Silenceofmind:


People don’t define marriage by their behavior. So marriage is marriage regardless of how many people fail at it.
Further, marriage is based on human nature, male and female and thus has the definition of the union between a man and a woman.
And human nature is defined by natural law. The part of natural law that applies in this case is evolution.
Gender, male and female evolved as a way to strengthen the genetic heritage of creatures that reproduce sexually.
Consequently, it is simple common sense that homosexuality is a sexual disorder since if all men and women were gay the human race would go extinct.
Therefore it is easy to conclude that the idea of gay marriage is preposterous.


Could you ask for a crazier textbook example of nutbuggery? Sure, but this is a pretty good one. I responded:


Ah, my troll returns, I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away. I’m publishing your comment because it is a textbook example of faith based awfulness (I wonder if you’re even serious).

“Marriage” is a contract, it didn’t fall out of the sky and it didn’t sprout out of the ground. It is a societal construct and is dictated and changeable by society. The same arguments used against same sex relationships today were once leveled at interracial relationships.

It never ceases to amaze me when a believer in superstitions such as gods and resurrections and virgin births will bust into an argument from “natural law” for the sole purpose of crapping on gay people and on same sex relationships. With their beliefs in magic miracles and supernatural hokum they pee on the very notion of anything that could rightfully be called a “natural law.”

And marriage can include procreation but isn’t based on procreation. Childless couples are free to marry and remain married, people who are infertile get married. Oh, and don’t say that some magic dad could miraculously give an infertile couple a child. If a god could do that for an infertile couple it could do that for a gay couple. Just like it could heal amputees.

Homosexuality is not the disorder here, religious belief is.



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