if any of those thrift store paintings feature tattooed women, or dragons, or women with dragon tattoos, my brother ain’t gettin’ it

My mother-n-law just texted me. She is at a thrift shop and found some very inexpensive paintings on canvas and wanted to know if my brother, who paints, would like them to paint over. I jumped at it and answered yes. Who knows, maybe one of them will be so full of amateur awesome that we have to hang it up in our place as-is.

Last night my Mom and Dad were over. They brought a pan of enchiladas and threw it in the oven for all of us, them, the boys, and I. We had a nice visit before they had another engagement in town. It was really nice, maybe the only real adult-to adult conversation I’d had all week (my wife’s on a school trip in the faraway land of Utah so it’s been the boys and me since Monday. My man H is 8 and a damned good conversationalist, but he is still 8). My Mom even called earlier today to tell me that she was glad to see all of us last night and that I was doing a great job with the boys.

Things can get tough, thoughtful gestures can sure prop up a guy’s attitude. Our little nuclear family unit is fortunate to be connected to a lot of decent people.


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