No injuries, not even to Dad. Victory!!

Katie returned home yesterday evening. In stark contrast to her trip TO Utah last Monday, which took much much longer than projected and included a plane returning to an airport greeted by firetrucks and Twilight Zone types in silvery suits, yesterday’s return trip was pretty tame.

H and A and I were all glad to see her. A sat in his chair in the kitchen eating a cup of fruit with his hands (damn you spoon, I shall toss you to the GROUND!) and calling for Mommy. He was summoning her, as far as I could tell, mainly to look at her. Not a bad reason really.

The week before went much much better than I’d expected. When I faced the prospect of seven days of just me and the boys I fully expected to be a withered husk of dried shit (pick your source animal for this illustration) by the end of it. I would be transformed into a hardened and rough patty of dead organic matter. When the wind picked up I’d blow down the empty street along with a tumbleweed, a lone sad harmonica would provide accompaniment.

But that’s not how it turned out. Every day we all got up, put our clothes on and got ready, ate a little something, played, listened to music, and loaded in my car to all go to our respective day places. In the evening everyone was collected on schedule. We went home to eat Daddy meals, which are higher in fat and calories and fun and lower in general nutrition and moral worthiness than Mommy’s.  After that we listened to music, watched cartoons, played toys, read books and went to bed. There was very little crying, even from me.

I am pretty proud of how things went. I generally look at being a parent as going from one crushing blow to the next, last week with the boys was anything but. Since I rocked Daddying so hard I’m going to treat myself (I indulge myself pretty regularly so I didn’t take much convincing on this), maybe I’ll blog about that in the future, or not. It’s easier to keep promises you never make in the first place.

Maybe I can build on this. I don’t know, we’ll see. It’s difficult to learn lessons and I find that implementation of even the best intentions is often at best a letdown, if not a nuclear disaster. In any case it was a good week, I’m really happy for that.


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