“Floating like an island in old blood” *


Most of this year was drenched in Doom and Black Metal. A lot of Windhand and St.Vitus, Emperor and Immortal and Darkthrone. With the coming of cooler weather or for some other reason of which I’m not conscious, Power Metal has come back into the fore.

My oldest son loves Helloween, has for a few years. Now my youngest has decided that if he isn’t currently hungry he’s most happy watching the video to “Nabatea” from the album Straight Out of Hell on repeat. We’ve also dug some Stratovarius and the odd Dragonforce and Blind Guardian track.

The boys and I listened to a YouTube mix of Helloween songs last Friday night. One of the songs was “Light The Universe” from the Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy album. I haven’t been a fan of power ballads since I was hiding pints of low end bourbon in the inside pocket of my coat and entertaining rather obscene fantasies involving some of the junior and senior cheerleaders. But H loved the song, proclaiming it Helloween’s best (he hasn’t heard their entire library but his praise of that which he likes can be as effusive as his criticism of that which he disdains can be withering). So I picked up the mp3 of the album the next day as a surprise for him. Turns out I dig the song too, even if it does make me chuckle to think it.

* post title from “Nabatea” by Helloween


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