National Day on Writing: it’s Write-time!

Ready for National Day on #Writing #WriteMyCommunity

I’m ready for National Day on Writing (kind of a wonky title, there’s probably a good reason of which I’m completely unaware).

The theme is “Write my Community.” I’m running through my options, different communities that I am part of and what I want to say about them. I know a lot of great people who do a lot of excellent things. But it ain’t all roses. I can build up a lot of momentum with negativity, it’s difficult to work up as much steam with the positive. But I don’t want to just bitch – and I don’t want to ignore the not so nice.

Looking for balance.

What I’ll do is just start writing, in ink in my notebook. I’ll see what comes out of that and maybe some of it will end up here (see how I hedge, no promises kids).

Do you have something to say about community?


3 thoughts on “National Day on Writing: it’s Write-time!

  1. Thanks for the comment and the well wishes. I understand where you’re coming from.

    I’m in a complicated relationship with “community.” I am very involved with the atheist community (and people argue over what that is, and even if there is such a thing. Atheists like to argue). I am also involved with the communities that revolve around our children’s schools and our neighborhood.

    I’m a naturally outgoing person, I love attention (I’m a show off) and I usually like being around people. But as I get older I require more and more time alone and I feel that I have a tougher time successfully communicating with others. I guess I’m kind of funny like that too. 🙂

    Apologies for the long reply, this has been on my mind a lot lately.


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